Monday, July 09, 2007

Rediscovery of an ant genus from India, and discovery of a new species Dilobocondyla bangalorica

From Ant Visions (September 18, 2006)

A rare ant genus Dilobocondyla was discovered (Sunil Kumar et al, 1997) in urban regions of Bangalore, its first records from the Indian subcontinent. The species then unidentified, has now been rediscovered and has been found to be new to science. It goes with the species name, ‘bangalorica’ in recognition of the locality, Bangalore, from where it has been found (Varghese, 2006). I had a rare first hand opportunity to watch these ants along with Sunil Kumar and Thresiamma Varghese. The ant measures less than 4 millimeters in length. The ants were never seen foraging on ground and as of now this species has been found to nest only on a particular tree species, Plumeria alba.

see more pictures of this new species here

Sunil Kumar M, Srihari K T, Nair P, Varghese T and Gadagkar R. 1997. Ant species richness at selected localities of Bangalore. Insect Environment 3, 3-5.
Varghese T. 2006. A new species of ant genus Dilobocondyla (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) from India, with notes on its nesting behaviour. Oriental Insects 40, 23-32.

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