Thursday, July 05, 2007

Progress, Lack Of: Update

Thanks to all for the kind words of encouragement about my computer travails. When we last left our heroine, she was anxiously awaiting the arrival of her memory. What happened? Let's find out...

  • Memory arrives, there is much rejoicing
  • Memory is installed, computer still crashes, there is much lamenting
  • I call Dell back and leave message with Kyle, who is an associate of the guy I talked to last time (who isn't working and told me to call this other guy)
  • I wait for a call back
  • I get no call back and decide I should just call main Dell number and talk to anyone I can get
  • I talk to Jimmy, who asks me what the error code was when my computer crashed the last time during the diagnostic. I say I don't know and thought that Geoffrey (nice Dell guy from last post) had put it down in my file, but apparently he did not. Jimmy wants me to run the diagnostic again. I grumble, but do so
  • Jimmy says it will take an hour and he will call me back in an hour. I say, it is not going to be an hour, it is going to crash any second now, and could he please wait a bit. He waits a bit, but of course it does not crash. He gives me his phone number and says to call him back if it crashes
  • Computer crashes right after he hangs up
  • I call Jimmy back and leave a message
  • I get no call back and decide this is stupid and decide to call main Dell number and talk to anyone I can get
  • I talk to a woman whose name I have forgotten who, when I tell her the error code (which I finally have) says it is probably the memory and I need new memory
  • I say, yeah, but this is the new memory
  • she says she needs a few minutes to review the case
  • she reviews the case
  • I pass another level of LocoRoco on my new PSP
  • She then suggests I switch the memory to the other slot and try the whole process again
  • I say okay, but could she stay on the line because it is probably going to crash soon. She stays on the line for awhile (I pass several more levels of LocoRoco) but then says she has to go. But, she says if it crashes again, then that means I need a new motherboard, and she gives me a different number to call to get a technician to come over to install it
  • It crashes again
  • I call the new number and someone actually answers the phone!
  • I explain situation and person says yeah, i need a new motherboard and new memory and he will have someone call me back the next business day and arrange it
  • This is Friday. I am leaving town on Sunday for a family reunion in Wisconsin. I won't be back to the office for a week. I leave my office mate's name and number and cross my fingers
  • Apparently a technician does call, makes an appointment and installs the new mother board and memory on Tuesday. My office mate says it seems to be working okay now, but since I am not there (and won't be back until Monday), it is hard for me to tell
So, bottom line is, maybe things are okay, but I refuse to say so until I get back and check it out for myself. And even though this whole thing has been really terrible, I am pretty impressed by Dell customer service. And thank god my computer is still under warranty!


  1. great.. a visiting technician should be able to fix it. Consultation by phone doesn't always work.

    And the documentary's nice..

    - Indo-Australian

  2. Wow, that was quite a roundabout way of finding out what was wrong! Thank goodness you finally got through to someone on the new phone number. Looks like that person got it the quickest. It will always be amusing to me how technology just seems to work fine when you tell the technician it’s not, and then stops working when the technician is gone, haha! But at least your computer is all fixed now! Keep those fingers crossed that you won’t need more repairs on it, but just in case you do need a new motherboard, at least you know they’ll answer the phone this time!