Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Notes From Underground: Vol. 12-2 July 2007

The July issue of Notes from Underground is out. Not much new, though. The same announcement for Advances in Ant Systematics, a festchrift, which was supposed to have been published a year ago, but which now says it will be published in August (no year, though, so perhaps they are hedging their bets). I'll believe it when I see it. I would like to encourage everyone out there to submit stuff to Notes from Underground, which is awesome and needs your support! I will try to follow my own advice. Maybe someone should start a Great Myrmecologists series. That would be fun.


Dorymyrmex bicolor, apparently raiding a colony of Myrmecocystus mexicanus in my front yard, Apple Valley California. Massed ants were carting off larvae of the Myrmecocystus. Photograph by Gordon C. Snelling

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  1. I did submit thing to Notes. Not much, tough. Great to hear the files are okay. Look forward to your and your colleagues contribution on Notes. The Great Myrmecologists article is a good idea.

    Regards from Indo-Australia