Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Progress, Lack of: Update II

So I thought that I was finally going to be able to start being productive this week. My computer seems to be working fine. I am finally over a nasty cold/virus/allergy/whatever that's been killing me for the past several weeks. I was able to reconnect my computer to the internet and the school server, where I had stored zip files of all my important stuff. I transferred all of my documents (and the all-important ant database) back onto my computer. Next step -- put back all of my various program files onto my computer.

Before I reinstalled my operating system, I made a zip file of my entire "program files" folder and stuck it onto the school server. When everything was ready, I put it back onto my computer. No problem. Then I tried to unzip it. Problem. First it said there were no files on it and it was empty. Then it said the files were all invalid or corrupted. Ooookaaay. I then went online to research this dilemna and discovered that lots of people have had this problem and I should try a different program to unzip it. So I downloaded one that looked good and tried to unzip my folder. Success! It unzipped one folder. Ummmmm........ there were like 40 folders in there. Where are they? Don't know. This program has no idea what I am talking about. So I download a second program. Same result. I download a third program. That one burned down, fell over, then sank into the swamp. Just kidding. It had the same result. But the fourth program actually seemed to accomplish something.

It started listing all the files it was repairing. Lots and lots of files. Great. I let it run for almost 5 hours and it wasn't done, so I stopped it and attempted to save what it had already repaired. Sucker! You have the evaluation version. You need to actually buy it to save the files. Fine. This is the first program that actually seemed to do anything, so I figure it's worth it. I buy it.

I wait impatiently for confirmation email, install new program and discover that I cannot simply save the files it has already repaired but I have to run it again. Fine. I run it again. It takes a really long time. I stay in the office until 9pm, and then finally decide to leave it running and go home. Next day, I get there bright and early, eager to start my new day, and it's still running. Furthermore, it looks like it is only about halfway done. I waste an entire day browsing the internet and coming up with ever-lamer roller derby names and then go home again. Surely it will be done by the next day? So, this morning I wisely call my office and ask my officemate to look on my computer and tell me if the program is still running. I'm so smart. If it is still running, I will stay at home and not get all frustrated. My officemate says: what program? Apparently, there is no program running on my computer. Nothing. Nada. Zip. This doesn't bode well. I rush to school and sure enough, the program is no longer running.

What does this mean? I think it means that I need to run it again. I also think it means that I have wasted the past several days, and I have no guarantee that I won't waste the next several days doing this again. There doesn't seem to be a way to just repair parts of it and save them in smaller chunks. I have emailed the support people but haven't gotten a reply yet. I am in a really foul mood and want to beat people up. Luckily, I have roller derby practice this evening.


  1. I think you should stop and get a computer geek/nerd (not Best Buy's Geeksquad and those expensive services) to do it for you. It might cost something, but it will save YOU a lot of time.

  2. Sorry for the computer failure again. Zip files indeed can be problematic sometimes. I do my file back ups in CDs and internet server, never in zip. I don't believe wasted days. With positivity, we can do meaningful things amid problems. Hope all goes well soon and thanks for the interesting posts.

    - Regards from Indo-Australia