Sunday, August 26, 2007

Leave No Rock Unturned: A Great Idea!

Via Ontogeny via Coturnix...via Dave, Fred, and Bev (Dave also explains the details):

On September 2nd this year go out somewhere: into your backyard, or the woods, or the bottom of the sea, and turn a rock or two or three. Take pictures of what you find underneath. Perhaps you'll find earthworms, or pillbugs, or beetles. Or a starfish. Maybe even a snake. Perhaps even a snake guarding the entrance to Dick Cheney's Undisclosed Location. If you turn a rock in Iraq and find WMDs please let us all know as that would be the biggest scoop in the history of the blogosphere (good luck with that one, though).

The idea was hatched by Dave Bonta, Fred Garber and Bev Wigney. Dave explains in detail.

Post your pictures on your blog and send Bev the URL, or post them on this Flickr tag, or send them to Bev at bev (at) magickcanoe (dot) com (with "Rock Flipping" in the subject line). Then sit back and watch the collection grow. See what others find under the rocks on that day. Post a link on your blog as well.

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  1. Thanks for posting this fantastic idea.