Monday, August 20, 2007

The Fascinating, Frightening World of Insects

A new book released in the UK, Unseen Companions, reveals through close-up photography the fascinating and often beautiful organisms that share our world. From
Most of us are aware that we share our lives and our homes with countless tiny creatures, plants, fungi and bacteria. Our bodies alone present an amazing array of extreme, bizarre environments, and our homes provide convenient, secure hiding places with an abundant source of food. Many of our "Unseen Companions" are so small that they do not even attract our attention; many are benign or even helpful to us; but some are unwelcome guests because they bite, sting or carry disease. Whether friend or foe, these creatures are beautiful and fascinating in their own right, leading complex, highly specialised lives. This book reveals, at the turn of every page, the spectacular microscopic world, both inside and on the surface of our bodies, together with the artificial habitats that we provide in our homes and our gardens. It will delight, horrify, or maybe both, but the text helps us to understand the fascinating life cycles, habits and interactions that contribute to a curious biological balance.

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