Tuesday, August 07, 2007


So, I have finally finished the Gnamptogenys. Yay! I even made a key, but I can't seem to get the program (Lucid) to work so the key isn't appearing online yet. I have, however, updated the Gnamptogenys webpage with the new species, along with photos and descriptions. Please take a look and let me know if you see any errors. I have two unnamed species which both seem so distinctive, perhaps someone out there can just look at the photos and know what they are. The first is KTRW-002:
Mandibles triangular, smooth and shiny. Eyes small. Antennal scapes short, not surpassing margin of vertex. Pronotal suture present. Propodeal suture absent. Anteroventral subpetiolar process square cut. Petiole posteriorly inclined with the anterior face and dorsal face joining through a small convexity, whereas the dorsal face and posterior face join at a sharper angle. The posterior face is perpendicular, not concave. The most striking thing about this species is the sculpturing which is very fine and appears beaded, like tiny strings of pearls. Very pretty.
The second is KTRW-001:
Mandibles triangular and distinctly striate. Antennal scapes very long, clearly surpassing the margin of the vertex by a large margin. Anteroventral subpetiolar process not square cut, posterior edge somewhat rounded. Pronotal costulae semi-circular, propodeal costulae longitudinal, metanotal costulae transverse. I thought at first that this was bisulca, but now believe that what I thought were the pronotal and propodeal sutures, are simply the sculpturing. I believe it is in the striatula group.
The other species I have are: concinna, haenschi, horni, kempfi, mediatrix, minuta, pleurodon, regularis, simulans, striatula, sulcata.

Gnamptogenys of Tiputini

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