Friday, June 15, 2007

Roller Derby Madness

So... it seems The Ant Room Maven is now one of the newest members of the Boston Derby Dames Roller Derby League. Holy Crap! It will be awhile before I am actually in a bout, but practices start soon. I am uncertain whether anyone reading this blog for ant-related content will be interested in this or any subsequent roller derby related news. Perhaps I should start another blog. Not sure. At any rate, I still have to come up with a fantastic roller derby name and am wondering if anyone out there has any ant-y or science-y suggestions. How do you come up with a derby name?
"There's an art to coming up with your roller derby name. In just a few words tops, it must convey toughness, wittiness and intelligence. The best names are plays on words, and many take their inspiration from a famous figure (usually female, but not necessarily) in history or pop culture." -- Roller Derby Diva
"The process of choosing a derby name is actually quite involved. According to roller derby legend, the yet-unnamed skater must prepare a hollowed-out gourd containing the following items: one roller skate wheel, three strands of hair, scrapings from a burnt piece of whole wheat toast, one tube of red lipstick (any brand will do), and one white sock. On the evening of the next full moon, the skater must place the gourd and its contents outside in clear view of the sky. The skater must sit cross-legged (in front of aforementioned gourd) for exactly nine minutes while looking up at the moon and thinking positive derby thoughts. That night, the perfect derby name will appear to the skater in a dream..... Just kidding" -- Emma Badapple, Gotham Girls Roller Derby
"The perfect derby name should not only be sassy, witty, and tough, but it should also have some personal significance to the skater. Favorite celebrity names, movie titles, and song lyrics can all serve as inspiration for a great derby name, as well as hobbies, interests, and personal obsessions." -- Emma Badapple, Gotham Girls Roller Derby
My favorite roller derby names tend to be hard-as-nails but also ironically-tongue-in-cheek. For example: Marie Fury, Lois Carmen Dominator, Ivana Clobber, Sheryl Crowbar, Claire D. Way, Sandra Day O-Clobber, Pina Collidah, Etta Maims, Rhoda Perdition, etc. Names have to be registered and no two girls can have the same name. Check out this massive roster of names.

Anybody have any thoughts?


  1. HELLO! :) I am deborah, and I was passing through random blogger sites, and i found yours! :) I just wanted to say hi.

    I was flipping through some of your blogs, and I was very intrigued, you roller derby? that's very interesting.

    :D What exactly is that? I'm very interested.

    xD I'm very new, and I don't know what to do on blogger, so please help!

  2. welcome to the sister hood! how do you like it? did you end up choosing a name??

    see you on the track,
    Sandie O'Clobber!

  3. Hi! I love it! My roller derby name is now officially Queen Kamayhemayhem. But everyone calls me Mayhem. I actually started a separate blog for my roller derby stuff. You can find it at Cheers!

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