Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Progress Report and Crafty Ants

Oh, my blog is so sad and lonely these days. I'd better start posting again. I did slow down a bit when I broke my arm but am now well enough that I made it to the roller derby tryout on Sunday. I find out tomorrow if I made it or not. I have definitely lost my mind.

I've been working, too. I've been training Noah, the new grad student in our lab, to ID ants, and he is going through my canopy samples, sorting by genus. I also finally got around to pulling out all of the Cephalotes specimens from the canopy samples to send to Scott Powell. And I have been working on my Gnamptogenys, a surprisingly difficult genus. I'm not sure why, exactly. They are large, distinctive ants with beautiful and diverse sculpture patterns. And I have a key (although I really wish I had the new key). And yet somehow they end up being difficult. I am working on an interactive key which I will post online when it is done.

On a lighter note, I present a collection of crafty ant items from Etsy:


  1. Kari, I bet you have those green ant earrings. :)

  2. No, but I kind of want one -- did you read the description of this product:

    "ANT The Green will take care of what you hear.

    Only the sound ANT The Green think will make you use the ear en a good or simpel way, will get in to your mind.

    Belive it and it will happening.

    Warning It will cause some attension to ware.
    You have to train ti futher, to hear other stuff."