Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tiputini Rogeria

I have been busily updating my database with the new identifications I have just received from Jeffrey Sosa-Calvo and Stephanie Johnson, and will try to summarize them here. I will start with Rogeria, a species I found extremely difficult to ID to species. After reviewing all of my specimens, Jeffrey was able to identify 10 species of Rogeria, plus a single unidentified male. They are:

Rogeria blanda
Rogeria ciliosa
Rogeria JSC-001
Rogeria JSC-002
Rogeria lirata
Rogeria micromma
Rogeria scobinata
Rogeria subarmata
Rogeria tonduzi
Rogeria unguispina

Some interesting collection notes:
  • unguispina specimens were all collected with Winklers
  • subarmata specimens were all collected from canopy fogging
  • scobinata was the most numerous and all but one specimen were collected with Winklers (the one specimen was hand collected)
  • blanda was the second most common species with almost all specimens collected from the canopy
  • all ciliosa specimens were collected in Winklers
  • all micromma specimens were collected in Winklers
I have updated this page on my site with the new names, as well as some useful links:


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  1. You have some really good collection of species. Yuo should mind writing it in a notebook and plan on publishing it in the end.