Monday, May 07, 2007

"Let's go Science!"

Saturday was roller derby day for The Ant Room Maven -- my new obsession. The season one championship bout between the Cosmonaughties and the Wicked Pissahs was a good time for all. By virtue of sitting on one side of the arena, we were handed blue pompoms and perforce became Cosmonaughties fans, a job which we took to with relish. Their schtick (you gotta have a schtick!) seems to be that they are evil soviet space scientists out to conquer the roller derby world. Some fans across the way had a giant sign that simply said "SCIENCE." At several points during the game the crowd went crazy with chants of "Let's Go, Science" or simply "Sci-ence, Sci-ence, Sci-ence." It's not often one gets to yell Science at the top of ones lungs over and over again. Very very cool.

I really really want to be a roller derby girl.

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