Friday, May 25, 2007

Ant Texts at Internet Archive: a good resource

As I have been updating my web site and adding useful links to the genera pages, I have been finding more and more references to something called the Internet Archive:

"The Internet Archive is a non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining an on-line library and archive of Web and multimedia resources. Located at the Presidio in San Francisco, California, this archive includes "snapshots of the World Wide Web" (archived copies of pages, taken at various points in time), software, movies, books, and audio recordings. To ensure the stability and endurance of the archive, The Internet Archive is mirrored at Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Egypt, the only library in the world with a mirror. The Internet Archive makes the collections available at no cost to researchers, historians, and scholars. The Internet Archive is a member of the American Library Association and is officially recognized by the State of California as a library."

There is a section specifically on Ant Texts, affiliated somehow with It has a nice interface that seems very user friendly, and appears to be very active with new texts appearing daily. Check it out here.

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