Monday, February 19, 2007

Visiting the Smithsonian

So Friday I was in Washington DC and stopped by the Smithsonian ant room to visit and drop off some ants. I left 2 unit boxes of Azteca specimens for Stephanie Johnson, who is attempting to revise the genus, all my Acropyga specimens for John LaPolla (they have all already been identified but he agreed to confirm the IDs for me), and a couple more Attines for Ted Schultz, to add to the almost 300 specimens I had previously sent to him. Neither Stephanie nor John were there, but I did talk to Ted and also I had a great conversation with Jeffrey Sosa-Calvo about identifying ants in general. He also offered to look at my Rogeria and also my Dacetines, so I'm going to send those to him as soon as possible. Very exciting!

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