Monday, February 19, 2007

Visiting Harvard

Okay, it has been awhile since I posted here, but mostly because I have been very busy. On the 8th of February I spent the day at Harvard. Some highlights:

  • I met Donat Agosti and Roberto Keller, who were both visiting the ant room. Roberto mentioned that he read my blog, which was super cool and made me feel like a rock star!. Donat talked with Gary about databasing and mentioned to me the importance of including unique identifiers of specimens when publishing papers. Not something I had thought about previously, but a good thought.
  • I took some photos (Probolomyrmex, Prionopelta, Carebarella, Acropyga, Tranopelta).
  • I received my new updated version of my database on Mantis 2.0beta courtesy of Piotr Naskrecki.
  • I received my Solenopsis (all sorted out!) from Stefan. Yay! I will talk more about the Solenopsis in another post.

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