Monday, February 19, 2007

Solenopsis and Tranopelta

Stefan sorted my Solenopsis specimens into 14 morphospecies and 1 named species (Solenopsis virulens), plus a bunch of unsorted reproductives. This is a bit different from the 29 morphospecies I had previously come up with, proving once and for all that I am a splitter, not a grouper. To be fair, the specimens also included one species of Dolopomyrmex, one species of Carebarella, one species of Tranopelta, a couple of pheidole, and one Oligomyrmex. Which may just prove that I am less of a splitter and more of a crappy taxonomist. But I get better everyday.

The Tranopelta turns out to be very interesting as it is a new species of Tranopelta, distinctly different from T. gilva and T. subterranea, which I believe are the only two recognized species since Fernandez' 2003 revision. I took photos of all three species, and will post these as soon as possible.

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