Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Things I should have been doing today instead of making an ant quiz

  1. Emailing Jack Longino and asking him for a copy of his new Wasmannia key. I talked with him at the IUSSI conference and he said he would be happy to.
  2. Identifying my Wasmannia once I get the key.
  3. Taking a look at all of my Aztecas. I also met with Stephanie Johnson (University of Maryland) at the conference. She said she would look at my Azteca, which is awesome, but first I need to figure out how many I have, figure out what I have in alcohol, and then see if she still really wants to look at them when she realizes that I have ten billion workers and not a reproductive in sight. I don't know about her, b ut they all look the same to me.
  4. Looking into getting a work study student or somebody to sort out all my ants in alcohol. I have a lot of folks wanting DNA samples of my ants, but most of my ants from the canopy and the winklers are just sitting in alcohol mixed together. I get panic attacks just thinking about it.
  5. Finishing my probe paper.
  6. Bugging Stefan about the Solenopsis, which he has had for some time now and hopefully will be done with soon.
  7. Bugging Ted Schultz about the Attine ants, which I gave him awhile ago.
  8. Bugging Shawn Dash about the Hypoponera he has had for some time -- actually I just got an email from him saying he was almost done. So Shawn rocks.
  9. Bugging Scott Powell about the Cephalotes I gave him at the conference. Hopefully he will be able to look at them quickly.
  10. Bugging Brian Fisher about the single Amblyopone specimen I gave him awhile ago.
  11. Emailing John Lattke and see if I can get a copy of his new Gnamptogenys key.
I'm sure there's more. That's just off the top of my head. I'll get right on those things tomorrow.


  1. Interesting that you do not list either Atta or Acromyrmex as being in this reserve.

    kalim1998 (AT)

  2. It is interesting, isn't it? Obviously they were there -- all over the place. They just didn't show up in any of my collection methods. I should probably start a separate list of ants at Tiputini that is separate from my list of ants for this project. My labmate Amy, for instance, has a very long list of Pheidole collected at Tiputini that is significantly larger than my list of Pheidole. I'll get right on that :)