Monday, August 21, 2006

Entomology collection for sale

Speaking of ebay, I came across this auction the other day for a "very large entomology program / collection." Wow. Not just specimens, but cabinets, drawers, mounting supplies, books, display cases, magnifiers, etc. etc. No mention of ants. I wonder what the story behind this is? It's hard to imagine someone spending all that time and effort to amass such a collection and then trying to sell it. I considered bidding for about a second before I realized thast I had no room, no money, and no need for most of that stuff. I sure could use some cabinets, though. Right now all my specimens are in drawers piled on top of each other. Every time I need to get at something at the bottom of the pile, I have to pick each drawer up very carefully and place it on another pile of drawers so I can get at the bottom one. It gets a little tedious. Anyway, if you've got $30,000 and some space to fill, check it out.


  1. want to see an insect collection!!


  3. i am looking for preserved ants and am having a hard time locating you have any ideas..