Friday, February 13, 2009

SPADE update

"Dear Collegues/Friends and SPADE Users,
Thank you for your use/interest/request of SPADE program in the past. (SPADE: Species Prediction And Diversity Estimation). I also thank many users for very helpful comments and feedbacks, which have led substantial improvement in SPADE. Now SPADE has been recently updated/modified and added two new parts: multiple-community similarity/diversity measures and genetic applications. In the genetic application part, we have featured Jost's differentiation measure
D proposed in Jost (2008, Molecular Ecology,17, 4015-4026).

The latest version of SPADE (2009/Feb 13 Version) and the revised User Guide now can be freely downloaded online from by just clicking SPADE there. The installation procedures have been greatly simplified. Please also note that the data input format for frequency or abundance data in one community case has been properly modified in order to be consistent with data format for multiple communities. Your comments, thoughts and suggestions are always welcome."
Best regards, Anne Chao
Tsing Hua Distinguished Chair Professor
Institute of Statistics
National Tsing Hua University
Hsin-Chu, TAIWAN


  1. Hello Kari,
    I tried to download SPADE, but it was possible to register and to download it. It seems that it is not due to my firewall or browser. But I no clue what’s the problem is.

  2. O sorry, I mean that it was not possible to download SPADE