Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Progress Report

  • Sent Wasmannia and Crematogaster (Yay!!) to John Longino.
  • updated my webpage with new Pheidole species and pictures.
  • Received a determination on my Amblyopone that I sent to Brian Fisher. From his email: "I finally had a chance to compare your Amblyopone specimen ... with the types of A. cleae and A. armigera. What I have concluded is that A. cleae is a junior synonym of A. armigera. Your specimen is smaller than the cleae colonies collected in Bahia Brazil, and more in line with the size of A. armigera but in terms of sculpture, there are similarities with cleae. So I would use Amblyopone cf. cleae for now as the name for the specimen you have." Updated my database and webpage with new ID.
  • Submitted a new version of my probe paper to a journal. Yay for me! My fingers are crossed as we speak.
  • And I made this groovy wallpaper with ants and microscopes:

  • Next up: Azteca

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