Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Ant Room Officially Opens!


Welcome to my new blog. After much procrastination I have finally decided that perhaps I have something to offer that at least some small percentage of the world might be interested in. Also, I am hoping that the idea that someone might be checking up on me will shame me into working a little harder. So, here commences The Ant Room, in which I will be keeping track (for my own benefit) of my daily progress in the identification of the ant fauna of Tiputini Biodiversity Station in Ecuador, the analysis of that data, and the pursuit of my PhD. I have found this process to be frustrating (to say the least) and perhaps my travails could be of some use to anyone else out there who might be engaged in similar endeavors.

My research webpage, with information about what exactly the point of all of this is:

My list of species to date, including pictures (constantly updated):

My webstore at cafepress, in which I sell my ant-themed designs on T-shirts, mugs, bags, etc. This is what I do when I need a break from IDing ants.