Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Tiputini Mantis Database: The Numbers

9: # of subfamilies.

64: # of valid genera records.

17: # of genera represented by a single species.

110: # of species represented by a single specimen.

65: # of species represented by two specimens.

10: # of species represented by over 100 specimens.

8483: # of specimen records.

50: # of species records for the genus Pheidole, the most species-rich genus in my collection.

65: # of Pheidole species Amy Mertl has collected at Tiputini.

154: # of Pheidole species on John Longino's Ants of Costa Rica website.

14: # of people (besides myself) who have helped me to identify species.

70: # of specimen records for specimens that are definitely not ants.

8: # of years I have been in graduate school.

6: # of years that have passed since I collected my first specimen at Tiputini.

27: # of copies of various versions of my database that I have.

5: # of places I keep backup versions of current database.

29: # of specimen records that contain the phrase "lost specimen" in the specimen notes.

861: # of specimen records for reproductives.

108: # of specimens that I was unable to identify to anything more than "Formicidae"

542: # of species records -- this includes fake ones like Formicidae (Formicidae) where I know it's an ant but have no idea what kind it is or Attini (Attini) where I know it is an Attine, but have no idea what kind. It also includes the classic Hymenoptera (Hymenoptera), otherwise known as "it has six legs and wings."

503: # of species records -- this does not include the above fake species but does include morphospecies and new species, and is not necessarily the number of species that I have collected, as it includes certain morphospecies which may overlap each other.

???: # of species I have collected.

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