Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A review of the genus Mystrium

Jochen Bihn from Trophallaxis has just published a review of the genus Mystrium in the Indo-Australian region:

JOCHEN H. BIHN & MANFRED VERHAAGH, 2007: A review of the genus Mystrium (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in the Indo-Australian region. Zootaxa 1642: 1-12.

Indo-Australian species of the amblyoponine ant genus Mystrium Roger are reviewed. Three species are recognized in the region, and two of them, which were found in Indonesia (Papua and West Papua Province), are described as new species: Mystrium maren sp. nov. and Mystrium leonie sp. nov. Worker diagnoses and illustrations of the three species and a tabular key are given.

Full article can be downloaded here.
Image: Mystrium maren


  1. Great! Thanks for the info. Maybe a little exchange: Bolton's Technomyrmex revision is out too (http://www.amentinst.org/contributions.html).

    By the way, nice slide show on your sidebar. How did you create that?

  2. The slideshow is a new page element from Blogger.