Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Octostruma II

I have finished updating my Octostruma page with photos, descriptions, etc. I have 7 morphospecies and one named species. After studying the Ants of Costa Rica Octostruma page, I decided that one of my specimens was iheringi, even though it has no setae on the head (see photo). It is just too similar otherwise, down to the "long, fine, flexuous seta projecting laterally from near spiracle on peduncle of petiole." KTRW-002 through 005 are all represented by one or two specimens each and are all much larger than the other specimens. KTRW-006 through 008 may coincide with Jack's balzani complex.

Come take a look at the Octostruma of Tiputini.

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