Saturday, March 10, 2007


Alex Wild has a new revision of Linepithema out. It is available as a PDF here. Images, distributions, habitats, and behavioral notes can be found here on AntWeb. Fantastic! Makes me kind of wish I had some Linepithema to ID. I may, but at this moment in the saga I believe I do not. I have a large group of ants that I had at first identified as Linepithema, but when I tried to get them to species, I realized that they were all probably Tapinoma (for which I don't think there are any good identification resources -- drat!). So I put them all in a box and have not looked at them since. With Alex's new revision (and kind offer to look at any specimens I might have), I thought I would take them out and have a look at them again. I thought I would pull up a bunch of pictures of both genera on Antweb, and try to compare them. But Antweb won't let me do this! It will let you look at multiple species within a genus but when I try to open up a new tab or a new window with a different genus, it just goes back and changes the other window to the new genus. Very frustrating! Anyway, I've given up for the weekend and will try again on Monday. Cheers!

Photo: Linepithema aztecoides
Photographer: Alex Wild

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