Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Trap-Jawed Ant Video

I saw this study about trap jaw ants when it first came out a few months ago. Frankly, I didn't pay too much attention other than to skim it. I mean, I already knew these guys had wicked awesome jaws. BUT I HAD NO IDEA THERE WAS VIDEO. Holy crap, this video is so fantastic. I really really wish I knew how to edit online videos. I would park a couple of school buses between those ants just hanging out and then add a flaming ring of death that the Odontomachus can hurl itself through on his way to breaking the world ant-jumping record. Or something like that. And the first video with the vertical jump clearly needs The Blue Danube waltz playing in the background. Possibly with multiple copies of the ant slowly spinning and floating by ala the end credits of Wallace and Gromit's The Curse of the Were-Rabbit movie with the floating bunnies. If someone ever does this, please let me know. Or tell me how I can do this.

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