Friday, July 28, 2006

IUSSI subterranean probe poster

So.... I have been very busy in the past couple of weeks preparing for the upcoming IUSSI meeting in DC. I finally finished my poster, which I think came out pretty well. It is all about my new subterranean probe for collecting underground ants. There is also a picture on it of the new species of Dolopomyrmex I found. Dolopomyrmex is a new genus which has been described but the paper hasn't been published yet. Anyway, apparently I found a new species (Stefan assures me) which makes the number of the species in the genus two, one found in the Southwestern US and the other found in the Amazon Basin. Weird. But both subterranean, which would explain why it hasn't been seen much of. And which makes me feel pretty pleased with my new probe. Anyhoo, if anyone is going to be at the conference, stop by my poster and say hello.

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